How to Check Coolant Level

Coolant Car Check

Have you noticed that the low coolant light is showing on your Jaguar dashboard? This is alerting you that the coolant level is low and you need to top it off as soon as possible. Coolant helps to maintain the internal temperature of the engine and prevents it from overheating, so it is very important to know how to check the coolant level in your vehicle.

This guide from the experts in the service center at Jaguar Monmouth Authorized Service will explain what coolant does and walk you through how to check coolant level on your own. If you find that your low coolant light doesn’t reset or is continually activating, schedule an appointment with us to have our certified technicians diagnose and correct the problem.



What is Coolant? What Does Coolant Do?

Before we delve into how to check coolant level, let’s answer the question, “What is coolant?” Coolant is a specialized automotive fluid intended to regulate the temperature of the engine block and internal engine parts. Although the terms “coolant” and “antifreeze” are often used interchangeably, antifreeze is an ethylene glycol or propylene glycol liquid that, when mixed with water, becomes coolant. As the basic ingredient of coolant, antifreeze prevents the coolant from freezing below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and won’t overheat above 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

What kind of coolant is used in Jaguar vehicles? You should only use Jaguar OEM coolant which is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. Feel free to contact our parts team if you have any questions about the coolant you should use with your specific Jaguar model.

Here’s How to Check Coolant Level in Your Jaguar

  1. Park in a safe location and apply the parking brake.
  2. Open the hood.
  3. Allow the engine to cool down before removing the cap from your coolant reservoir.
  4. Locate the coolant reservoir. On most Jaguar models it is located at the rear of the engine compartment. Your owner’s manual will have information on where your coolant reservoir is located.
  5. Check the coolant level. There are markings on the side of the reservoir that indicate the minimum and maximum levels.
  6. If the coolant level is low, you’ll need to add enough to reach the maximum level.

When to Check Coolant Level

If the coolant level sensor detects a low coolant level, it will trigger the appropriate dashboard warning light. Should the low coolant light illuminate, you need to find a safe place to pull over and park. Then, let the engine cool and add coolant as needed.

Typically, you should only have to add coolant twice a year, but it’s a good idea to take a look at the coolant level whenever you fill up your gas tank. The color of the coolant should be either blue, green, yellow, or red, depending on the type of coolant used. If it’s brownish or colorless, you should bring your vehicle into our service center near Rumson as soon as you can. Our experienced service techs can flush the system flushed and add fresh coolant.

Choose Jaguar Monmouth Authorized Service for Service

What is coolant? Is antifreeze coolant? You can count on the professionals at Jaguar Monmouth Authorized Service to answer these questions and show you how to check coolant level in order to keep your Jaguar always running safely on the roads in and around Red Bank. Our prices are among the most competitive in the Colts Neck area, and with our service specials and coupons, you can save even more. Contact our service representatives If you have any further questions or concerns.


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