How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?

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Every vehicle owner should know how to perform a few basic car maintenance items. Replacing a flat tire with a spare is one of them, just in case you have that kind of emergency on the road. If you’ve ever wondered, “How long can I drive on a spare tire?” the friendly staff at Jaguar Monmouth Authorized Service is here to answer.

Manufacturers recommend replacing your spare tire as soon as possible. However, the actual mileage you can drive on a spare tire depends on what kind you have. A full-size spare gives you more mileage, but most smaller, space-saver tires need to be replaced within 70 miles. 

Find out more spare tire safety info as we discuss how long you can drive on a spare tire. 

How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire: Space-Saver Spare

Let’s say you’re out and about near Rumson, and you get a flat. You look at the spare tire and notice it’s smaller than your normal tires. You have a space-saver spare, or “donut” spare on your hands. They’re included on many new vehicles and come with certain restrictions. 

Consider the following when figuring out when to replace tires that are space-saving spares:

  • Space-saver spares cannot be driven at speeds over 50 miles per hour
  • Space-saver spare tires shouldn’t be driven for more than 70 miles
  • You’ll have less traction with a space-saver spare than a full-size spare

Your space-saver spare will list any additional usage restrictions on the outer wall of the tire itself. Make sure to read everything before you install it. You’ll want to get to the nearest service center quickly to repair your old tire or purchase a new one, depending on the extent of the damage to your full-size tire.

How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire: Full-Size Spare

While a full-size spare is less common, it’s often included with new trucks and SUVs. It can be used longer than a space-saver spare. But, you still want to get the tire replaced as soon as possible. 

Why? The full-size spare probably isn’t the same brand as your other tires, which can cause poor traction and handling. Since it’s brand new, it won’t have the same amount of wear as the other tires. We recommend visiting Jaguar Monmouth Authorized Service to find a new tire that offers a better fit as soon as you can. Make sure to look for “tire replacement near me” to direct you to the nearest tire center.

What Is a Run-Flat Tire?

Run-flat tires can maintain pressure even after a puncture on the road. They offer the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • Remains inflated for about 50 miles following a puncture 
  • Tougher than a space-saver tire or full-size spare
  • Often costs more than a standard tire

If you have run-flat tires and your tire pressure monitor shows it’s running low, stop the vehicle and inspect your tires. A visible puncture on a run-flat tire means you’ll want to head to your local Colts Neck-area service center to repair or replace it.

More Tire Care Advice from Jaguar Monmouth Authorized Service 

For more helpful information on car tires, contact Jaguar Monmouth Authorized Service, located a short drive from Red Bank. We offer a selection of new tires designed to fit your vehicle.

Want the peace of mind that comes from protecting your Jaguar for the long haul? Consider a vehicle protection plan for your luxury vehicle today.


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