The Jaguar XF AWD Proved Capable of Hunting Down a Tornado

September 20th, 2016 by

While Batman has his trusty Batmobile to maneuver him through dangerous situations, veteran storm chaser “Tornado Tim” Baker prefers his Jaguar XF AWD sports sedan. When the biggest tornado of the 2016 storm season hit, Baker pushed his Jaguar XF AWD clear across the Midwest, through baseball-sized hail, torrential rains, wind and debris. In all, he covered seven states and 2,000 miles. He eventually encountered a Category EF 0 (60-70 mph winds) tornado in Illinois, just two hours west of Chicago.

Once at the site, Baker needed to navigate through flooded roads and scattered debris. Thankfully, the rugged yet composed Jaguar XF AWD was up to the task.

“It took us a while to track one down, but when the weather map delivered, the car did, too,” Baker said. “The navigation and in-car Wi-Fi, which allowed us to connect our multiple devices, worked brilliantly in the chase. The all-wheel-drive capability was also excellent as we travelled through rain and floods on loose gravel roads.”

The Adaptive Surface Response and torque-on-demand found in the Jaguar XF AWD made traversing this difficult terrain possible, where lesser vehicles would have easily gotten stuck or slipped off the road completely.

“The XF’s AdSR was able to fully exploit all available traction by altering mapping of the throttle, automatic transmission and DSC system to give confidence on the gravel tracks and cope with extreme flooding and high winds,” explained Kevin Stride, Jaguar XF Vehicle Line Director.

Also, thanks to the Jaguar XF’s super responsive pinch-and-zoom in-car navigation system with 3D and satellite mapping, Baker was ultimately able to find safe passage around that twister.

The work that Baker performs should be considered heroic. Stormchasers like Baker are a vital part of the weather warning process. It is Baker’s job to confirm storms and collect data. That information assists experts in the study of these weather events. It also allows them to predict future disasters. Having a capable vehicle like the Jaguar XF AWD makes Baker’s job a whole lot easier.

“As expected, the tornado chase provided some extremely diverse challenges and we knew this would be a real genuine test for the XF, so we were delighted to see it handle all the conditions with ease…and come back in one piece,” Stride said.

Luckily, our superhero “Tornado Tim” came back in one piece as well, all thanks to the Jaguar XF AWD.

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